Scripts of Simulate Interview

HRD: Morning, Ilham. Please, have a sit.

Ilham: Morning, Sir. Thank you.

HRD: How did you get to here?

Ilham: I rode my motorcycle, Sir.

HRD: Oh, okay. Ilham, please tell me about yourself.

Ilham: Before that, I want to say thank you for having me today is a pleasure to be here. My name is Ilham Kusumaning Pratama. I am fresh graduate from Jakarta State Polythecnic and my major is Multimedia Digital Engineering. I look forward to build a sucessful career as UI/UX Designer.

HRD: Sounds good. Why you want this job?

Ilham: I want this job because having looked at the job description and the person specification, it is a role I believe I can make a quick and positive impact in. We spend a lot of time at work, so it’s important I choose a job that I know I will enjoy and one that I can make a positive difference in.

HRD: Heem, great! Why do you want to work for us?

Ilham: First, because your company history, your standards, and the excellent products and services you sell give me the confidence I can stay working here for a long period of time. Second, the reviews left by customers on the website, tell me you care about your customers and I believe you care about the working conditions of your employees too. Your company ticks all of these things I am looking forward to hopefully working here to be a team that help you achieve your commercial goals.

HRD: What experience do you have relevant to this position?

Ilham: I have experience of Working Under Pressure and I have experience of Problem Solving. I am quite a creative person, so if there’s a problem that needs sorting out, I like to get involved and see if I can help rectify it. That is important for UI/UX Designer, solve the problem for user. Right?

HRD: Of course. You said, your experience is working under pressure. How do you handle pressure?

Ilham: I understand that pressure is all part of everyday working life and I actually perform really well whilst under pressure. The best way to work under pressure are prioritize which tasks are the most important, draw up a list of priority tasks and by what time or date they have to be completed by, work solidly and put in the extra hours to get the task done.

HRD: Heem. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Ilham: My strengths is I am good communicator and I can build up strong relationships with my team and clients. I am a happy and positive person and others have said I am very good to be arround. Finally, another one of my strengths is the fact I am a fast learner. If you give me a job to do, I will go away and complete it to a good standard.

HRD: Good. And your weaknesses?

Ilham: My weaknesses is I’m too confident person. I think, it was bad for me and clients. If my work is not in accordance with the wishes of clients who have high expectations, clients will be disappointed with me and this company. The solution for my weaknesses is I will ask the team about opinion before the work I make is given to the client. However, I am also someone who is always willing to learn and develop, so if you identify something that you’re not happy with, tell me and I will change it.

HRD: Why should we hire you?

Ilham: I have read the job description in detail and I strongly believe I have the necessary skills, qualities and attributes to carry out the job to a very high standartd. If you hire me, I will work hard to fit into the team so I can start contributing positively in a very quick timescale.

HRD: What would you do in the first 30 days of starting?

Ilham: I would concentrate on three thing: First, I would obtain a full brief from my manager on what you expected from me and the standards I needed to work to. Secondly, I would get to know my team really well so I could understand the type of things I could do to start contributing positively to the company goals quickly. Last, I would look to complete my first important project or task in the fastest time possible to show you what I am capable of within the role.

HRD: What motivates you to join this company?

Ilham: I want to do a great job for my company, continually improving within my role and also feeling that I am continually contributing and adding value to the company I am working for. Other than that, I want to learn and get a new experience in here.

HRD: As the starting salary, how much do you expect from this company?

Ilham: As fresh graduate, this is a very difficult question for me to answer, Sir. I’ll let you decide because I’m convinced that you have a fixed standard salary especially for a new employee like me. In this case, I depend on your fixed standard salary for new employees.

HRD: Okay, Ilham. Thanks for all. We’ll inform you about next information by email. Keep growing up because you’re fresh graduate.

Ilham: You’re welcome, Sir. I hope I can contribute in this company.

HRD: Sure, Ilham. I will discuss it with my manager.

Ilham: Thank you, Sir.